What Makes Penney's Accountancy Different from the Rest

What Separates us from the other Accountancy Practices out there?

We are very much relationship-based when it comes to our clients, whereas many other accountancy firms tend to touch base only once or twice a year. We like to be in contact monthly if not more. We want to be the “go-to point of reference, for all things business-related”  
We also provide our clients with Dext Prepare – free of charge! – as it is more beneficial and cost-effective, saving time for both ourselves and our clients. Using the Dext Prepare app or online, you simply take a snapshot of the receipt and upload it to the cloud system and we can view it on our end straightaway – it’s that easy! 
Dext Prepare – formerly known as Receipt Bank – helps us take a load off of your shoulders by eliminating an unnecessary process of having to drop off paperwork. 

Our Role

We like to think of ourselves as your trusty sidekick. Maybe one with magic powers (more on that later) whose sole purpose is to: 
  • Look after you 
  • Keep you sane and honest 
  • Help you sleep at night 
…that’s why many of our clients choose us 
Well, that and the fact that they love that we don’t talk like normal accountants (disclaimer: we enjoy some good banter) and that we’re not afraid to chase them all over the countryside when we need to get their accounts in on time. 
Our clients are primarily sole traders and limited companies, who need to spend time working on their business, not in it, and who want to grow their business to their full potential. 
We help our clients do that. We take a load off their mind and support them in their goals (and have a whole lot of fun along the way).