Helping every business to plan and grow sustainably


As our mission is for all businesses to be able to plan and grow sustainably, our purpose is to help businesses know their numbers.  
So how do we do this? And what does this mean for you? 

To know our stuff so that you don’t have to

We understand construction, we understand paperwork, we know our PTFE from our HMRC, and we know numbers. Not only that, but we are a business ourselves so we understand how businesses work and what it takes to be successful. Let us take care of all that we can so we can help you grow your business. 

You will never get a fine from HMRC

In order for us to avoid any fines completely – we will need to chase you for the information. We are not afraid to chase you so prepare for a hounding if you don’t give us what we need to file your necessary paperwork on time. Our priority is you (so do remember that when the said hounding occurs). 

Have peace of mind when it comes to your finances

There’s a long standing joke with us that Sue is a ‘business witch.’ When it comes to your finances, she waves her magic wand and the financial stress and pressure is gone YET you also understand your complete financial picture.  
Never again are you behind on your paperwork, invoices always go out on time, and all your legal compliances are met. 
Now that really is magic and it’s the key to getting a good night’s sleep. 

To always be available and give you a helping hand

You will always hear from us (we won’t just leave you stranded and give you a late fee notice out of the blue). We provide solutions, not problems, so you can come to us and ask for whatever you need at any time. and we’ll always be on hand when you need us. We have the best-trained staff with infectious can-do attitudes so you can expect the best service possible that only a lot of nurturing can bring. 

That you will feel comfortable with us

For us, it’s all about building the best relationship possible with our clients all year round. This means that we will get to know your business inside out so that we can offer the best advice to help you move your business forward. 
For you, we encourage you to contact us and ask us anything that might have an impact on your business before making decisions. If you’re struggling to sleep or you’re having nightmares, let us help you understand your figures so that you can be confident that everything is under control. 

You will work less hours

Many of our clients see their turnover and profits increase as we look after their accounting but it’s this combined with working fewer hours that wows the majority. 
Yes, you can work fewer hours and have all the necessary stuff being done too. What this means for you is that you then have time to work on building and growing the business as well as being with your family and friends

You’ll always get a tailored service

We believe that everyone is different, one-size certainly doesn’t fit all, and our service reflects that. We want to work with you in a way that best suits you and at a fee that suits you, that’s why we offer a monthly fee tailored to your needs.