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Accountants in Farnborough



We are Accountants in Farnborough, in the county of Hampshire and we would love to look after your Bookkeeping, VAT Returns, HMRC Self Assessment or Company Returns and Payroll.

It can be a minefield out there when it comes to choosing who should look after your accounts. You can rely on us, we’ve got it covered.

In fact, many of our clients see their turnover and profits increase as we look after their accounting.

We are Specialist Accountants serving plumbers, builders, electricians and all other trades, providing business advice, compliance, bookkeeping, CIS, tax returns, payroll, VAT, management accounts and cash flow forecasting

We specialise in helping small businesses, especially those in the trade sector, reach their full potential. We like to build up close relationships with our clients, keeping in touch with them quarterly, at the very least, so that we become their go-to place for everything to do with running their businesses, because of this, large corporate companies would not be a good fit for our business. 

Whatever your worries, whatever your concerns, we can promise you this:

… and our tea is always served strong with 2 sugars … 
* as long as you send us your paperwork on time, don’t worry, we will remind you…

How can we help you?

We have three packages you can choose from depending on how much you want to be involved

Belt and Braces

This package is for businesses who are really looking to move forward and expand; you are ambitious and have your end goals in mind and are determined to get out of the rat race. You can focus on the bigger picture and create cunning plans to take over the world with our great resources such as cash flow and management accounts.

Peace of Mind

This package is for those who want all the compliance things taken care of, like VAT and HMRC Returns and the odd questions answered. You would usually be a new start up or happy where you are with your business and not looking to expand in the near future.


We all know what it’s like when someone has had a go themselves, but if you feel you want to do some of the work yourself then this package is for you. Just remember that it takes longer and costs more to fix something that is done wrong than to do it right in the first place - just saying…!

Our Fees:

The cost of providing our services is agreed in advance. We guarantee that no additional work will be carried out without your written approval. We believe that an upfront and honest relationship is vital and we are passionate about building strong working relationships with our clients.

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