Helping You Survive, Thrive, Scale and Exit Successfully

When you start your business the last thing you think about is probably the nature and timing of your exit, but unless you are running a lifestyle business, your exit strategy should be a critical part of your planning from day one.

Our mission is to help you at every stage on your business journey, from Start-up, to Scale-up and when the time comes which it inevitably does for everyone, to help ensure your ‘Exit’ is successful.

Guiding Your Business to Success with Expert Advice and Strategic Insights

Effective financial management is crucial to avoid stress, sleep well, and ensure your business stays in good shape. Later on, when you’re ready to exit, it becomes essential for a successful transition and extracting the full value you deserve of your years of sacrifice working to build your business.

Practical Real-World Financial + Business Growth Support

To growing a truly successful business you need a plan for how you will maximise your profitability, optimise cash flow, and building your equity value by consistently focusing on, and working to improve the 7 critical Business Growth Drivers by making them a key part of the Information you use to manage your business.

How We Help You Grow Your Business

Informed Decision Making:

Make more Financially Prudent decisions, supported by relevant information.

Risk Free Business Growth:

Continual marginal improvements quickly compound to deliver outstanding growth.

Exit Planning and Support:

Preparing you and your business for a successful exit and future health and prosperity.

Support At Every Stage Of Your Journey:

Business Analysis and Growth Potential:

Financial planning starts with analysis to understand key trends, opportunities and threats and exploring the full potential to improve your profit, cash flow and business value.

Financial Reporting and Progress Review Meetings:

As your Part-Time Financial Controller, we can help you focus on the things that matter – continually improving all your critical growth drivers.

Strategic Planning, Forecasting and Performance Reporting:

As your Part-Time Finance Director and part of your management team, making sound financial judgement central to every key decision you and your team make.

Preparing for and Exiting Your Business Successfully:

This should start from day one, but failing that, the best time to start planning is right now because it typically takes a minimum of 5 years to prepare for and exiting a business successfully.