Part-Time Outsource Finance Director

Our team support existing businesses with various aspects of their accounting needs. Our service is rigorous and we pay attention to detail, focusing on the client’s individual circumstances.

What is a Part-Time Finance Director?

A part-time finance director (FD) plays an important role in your business, ensuring the success of your company’s financial and business development.


A part-time finance director will also help you manage your business’ financial risks and work closely with the business owner to help them grow a successful business. Their ongoing support ensures that your business is well-financed to take advantage of all available opportunities while assessing any financial risks and challenges it may face.


They will continue to work with you to provide assistance and expert advice on various aspects of business finance, such as cash flow management and profit forecasting.


With a part-time finance director, you can be sure that your company’s financial health is a top priority and ensure your financial plans are on track for long-term success.

How Do They Work?

Perhaps your business is growing rapidly and you need expert financial support, or you are currently in the process of hiring a financial advisor and only need part-time support.

Whatever your reason, you can save costs by outsourcing a part-time finance director.

Finance directors use their expertise and strategic planning skills to develop individual strategies to increase profits and grow your business. They create in-depth financial plans, monitor financial risks and cash flow, and manage accounts while helping you and your team make informed decisions.

They will also bring a breadth of experience and knowledge, allowing cross-industry benefits and improvements to be brought forward and considered.

As an external financial director, we bring a unique, unbiased perspective that adds scope and objective ideas to planning and decision-making and act as an external sounding board for you and the team.

Our Part-Time FD Service

We can provide you with an experienced part-time finance director to help you overcome the typical challenges and pitfalls a company faces and maximise your financial goals and profits.

Our finance directors work part-time for your company on a mutually agreed upon schedule. Working together, they take care of your company's finances and resolve any financial issues that arise.

Having this flexibility avoids the cost of hiring a full-time finance director, as they can flexibly provide support at any time to suit your needs.

This is a cost-effective solution to help you find the most qualified finance director for your budget. High quality service ensures that the benefits to the business far outweigh the costs.

Why Choose Penney's as your Part-Time Finance Director?

Our team support existing businesses with various aspects of their accounting needs. Our service is rigorous and we pay attention to detail, focusing on the client's individual circumstances.

Your company's financial health and growth strategy is our top priority, ensuring that we consistently deliver superior services that add value to your company while ensuring full compliance.

Our extensive list of trusted and experienced industry contacts can help take your business to the next level. With our contacts in funding, we can help you access finance to grow your business further.

If you think your business could benefit from our part-time finance director service, contact us today to find out how we can help accelerate your business.


What is the difference between an outsourced finance department and a part time finance director?

An outsourced finance department manage every financial operation of the firm. They would deal with bookkeeping, billing, credit control (including chasing payments), payroll and filing VAT returns.

A part-time financial director is the most senior member of the finance department, and is responsible for the running of all financial systems. They play a vital role in moving forward the company’s objectives along with the rest of the senior management team.

Do I need both a part time finance director and a financial controller?

The financial controller usually acts as the number two to the finance director and is responsible for leading the accounting team that manages the day-to-day financial process.

Small businesses may not need both a financial director and a financial controller. While both are senior roles and critical to the success of the business, a finance director is able to develop and maintain your short-term financial strategy.

As your business grows, you may want to develop a fully qualified finance team, including a financial controller, to meet new challenges.

How can a part time finance director help my business?

Outsourcing with an experienced finance director can facilitate business growth by providing visibility into your finances and devising specific strategies to turn your business into a sustainable profit.

With our finance director service, you get a complete overview of your current financial systems and business operations.

We conduct a thorough assessment and prepare a detailed financial report to highlight areas for improvement. Our annual income and cash flow reports provide detailed information about your business finances, helping you to effectively manage risk, solve cash flow problems and increase profits.

Penney’s will work with you to understand your business and organisation's financial goals, allowing us to tailor financial strategies to your needs. Our attention to detail and strong focus are the main reasons why the clients we started offering this service to are still our clients today.